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More Praise for A Winter Sowing

Thanks to everyone who has written with appreciative comments about A Winter Sowing. Here’s a further sample:

In some ways it’s a hymn to unofficial Australia . . . Australian demotic, Australian landscape (peopled of course) Australian unofficialdom . . . Enthralling.

Prof. John Lucas

A Winter Sowing is an incredibly moving story of love and grief. I loved how it was set in my hometown, Canberra, describing so many familiar places. The connection between the central character and his daughter reminded me of my own relationship with my father and the balance depicted between art, nature and war was so powerful. I found the book difficult to put down!

Jenny Sawer

The prose is fluent, concise, and controlled and I love your descriptions of Canberra and the South Coast. It’s a subtle human portrait of a moment in modern Australian history . . . You’ve intertwined the various threads and themes in an effortless way that delivers a complex multi-layered narrative . . .

Robert Hefner.

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