About This Section


In this section I will share my poems with you on a regular basis. Sometimes the poems will have been previously published, and will be relevant to the topics on my home page such as the sequence I will post over the next few weeks about Antarctica first published in my book High Wire.

On other occasions I will publish new work and invite your comments via Twitter and/or Facebook.

Black-Marks: An Antarctic Notebook



It’s as if in speaking
too much to himself
he has lost his voice
and become a numb silence

the blank page is Antarctica
and he afraid of the cold
the lonely trek which leaves
no foot print, but white out

hears only the echoes
of dead ambitions
ghosting across ice-sheets
and the sound of money

talking loans, percentages
the taxing future
will the explorations
yield a profit

the interest of politicians
can you sell the story
to whom might you speak
with faith and trust?

Here is the journey or refusal
of the journey
to find another language
invent a hundred words for snow

which might record
how long it takes for poetry
to die within a man
who has lost himself

and is trudging forward
knowing how little will change
whether he howls to the wilderness
or not if no one hears.

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