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What Readers are saying about A Winter Sowing:

‘Terrific writing . . . a marvellous book.’       John Clanchy


‘. . . an incredibly moving story of love and grief.’  Jenny Sawer


‘A hymn to unofficial Australia . . . Enthralling.’      John Lucas


‘I’ve just finished reading this wonderful book . . . Thoroughly recommend.’  Alison Duffy


‘. . . a subtle human portrait of a moment in modern Australian history.’   Robert Hefner

About the Book

'It's not like that, Josie. I can't tell you anything. I've got nothing to say.'

'Well, neither have I then,' she shouts at him as she heads for the door.

'Don't go. Don't leave like this.'

But it's too late. She's through the door and slams it behind her... 


David Young is a divorced Vietnam veteran, an artist and a gardener. He is trying to come to terms with the trauma of war through his painting. With every brush - stroke he seeks to transform the moments of brutality, the memories of violence that plague his nights and haunt his days. At the same time he is trying to manage a fractious relationship with his feisty sixteen-year-old daughter, Josie. When a single mum and her son move in next door, further complications enter David's life. As he tries to find a way forward, Josie enters a downward spiral. David believes his trauma is becoming hers. When his daughter's life threatens to spiral out of control, he must do everything he can to save her . . .

A Winter Sowing is a moving exploration of a father's quest for redemption through art and love.

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